• Classlink

    Class link is a one click, single sign on solution that gives students and staff access to web based software and educational web link. Within Classlink, students and staff need only to log in once to websites that require a username and password and then Classlink retains that information, making returning to those sites easier. The goal of Classlink is to create a one stop shop, where all web based applications can be housed for both students and staff. Leveraging the power of a single sign on environment, time management and student assistance is significantly diminished, leaving more time for instruction.

    Recommended browser: FireFox



    Seesaw is a digital learning portfolio where students take charge and show what they know using a variety of intuitive tools like draw and record, collage, video, and more! Seesaw allows families to get a glimpse into their child's learning and celebrate progress.

    *Seesaw will be the common platform for K-3 students, parents, and teachers for the 2020-2021 school year. We will use the communication features, announcements, blog, and additional tools.

    *Seesaw can be easily accessed through Classlink where your child will have their username and password saved. It can also be accessed using the link below.

    Recommended browser: Firefox


    Office 365

    Office 365 if a suite of tools students will use throughout their academic career. Students will be introduced to Office 365 as the school year progresses so they are fluent with it as they prepare to enter fourth grade.