• Homework

    The most important homework you can do is to have fun reading books for 20 minutes (or more!) each day! I know this is very hard to fit into your busy schedules, but it is SO IMPORTANT! This can be bedtime reading or any other time you can squeeze it in! Every minute counts! Keep a book or two in the car for hidden minutes throughout the week! Looking at pictures and talking about stories counts, too! Independent reading is great, but reading together is important, too! HAVE FUN! 

    It is also important to think about numbers at home. You might practice facts with your family, make up and solve math story problems, or play math games online. 

    BONUS homework: I may sporadically send home assignments to reinforce daily or weekly learning. This is OPTIONAL. 

    Special Projects: You may also receive special projects for homework.

    If you notice your child is struggling with a concept please let me know so I can reinforce the skills more at school. I can also support you if you'd like to learn more about any specific strategies we use. If you need support creating a homework routine, please let me know. We are a team!