• 2nd Grade Math


    Second Grade Math is so much fun! We will be building on the number sense your child gained from first-grade math. Our main focus is on place value, addition, and subtraction

    During math, I will break it up into a math lesson, followed by math centers. During math centers, your child will either be working in a small group with me (the teacher), or will be working in a small group to play games or complete worksheets. 


    Here are some concepts for second grade:

    • Even/odd numbers
    • Addition Fast Facts to 20
      • ex: 5+4, 12 +6, 13 + 7
    • Subtraction Fast Facts within 20
      • ex: 20 - 11, 18-9, 12-6
    • Doubles Facts
      • 5+5, 10 + 10
    • Place Value 
      • thousands, hundreds, tens, ones; expanded form, word-form, standard form, knowing how the value of the digit changes depending on which place it is in
    • Use of Base-Ten Blocks to add and subtract two-and-three digit numbers
    • Use of a closed or open number line to add and subtract two-and-three digit numbers
    • Use of expanded form to add and subtract two-and-three digit numbers
    • Time 
      • To the five-minute mark
    • Money
      • identify and know the value of a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny. Student should be able to add coins together
    • Fractions
      • one-half, one-third, one-fourth, one-whole
    • Geometry
      • 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes
    • Graphing
      • bar graphs, pie charts, line plots, line graphs


    * We are really focusing on strategies for addition and subtraction. We will possibly teach the "standard algorithm" later in the year. Please avoid teaching this to your child before he or she is confident in the strategies we have taught in second grade.