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    Our reading workshop has the same format as writing workshop where we start with a lesson, have reading time, then end with some sharing of what we learned and what we did during our reading time. During the reading time, students will be taking part in a reading approach called Daily 5. Daily 5 is structured to meet the varying needs of the students in the classroom. The "5" tasks have students reading individually, partner reading, listening to reading (in a listening center), working with words, working on reading and working on writing. In addition, each student will be meeting with the teacher 2-3 times a week for individual instruction, and will be continually assessed to ensure their unique needs are being met.  


    Students are taught skills and strategies to help them become better readers! They are reading "Just Right" books which are books that are not too easy, but not too hard. Please encourage your child to continue to practice these skills at home as well!


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