• Math

     We will be building mathematicians this  year! At times it is important for students to complete "worksheets" to show their understanding and skills. However, it is equally important that students construct new knowledge through more conceptual based tasks and hands-on manipulation. We will have math every day for 45 minutes and for many units taught, students will be in groups to meet their diverse needs. Students will move through the rotations below while the teachers work with small groups to provide instruction at different levels.



    Units taught this year are:

    Addition and Subtraction (students should master all facts through 20)

    Telling Time

    Measurement (this will be incorporated into science as well)



    Place Value/Number Concepts



    *We will do fast facts 2 or 3x/week. Fast facts is a fun and motivating way to encourage students to learn their math facts. It consists of a series of levels that take students from basic addition facts to basic subtraction facts, and finally mixed facts of addition and subtraction. Students are given one minute to complete 18 facts. If they get all 18 facts correct, they move up to the next level. If they do not get all 18 correct, they will try that level again, until they pass. I have had students that master the addition and subtraction fast facts, and therefore move on to a more challenging fast facts program. Although it may be a little "scary" for students the first few times, I can almost ensure they will LOVE it once they begin moving up. In the past couple years, I have had more and more students tell me this is one of their most favorite parts of second grade math!!! The one thing that is important is that I really emphasize that it is NOT a competition among classmates. Students will be on different levels at all different points in the year and the focus should be placed on THEIR improvements and THEIR accomplishments (not compared to others). If a student gets 8/18 on the first try and 9/18 on the second try...they are praised for their improvement!!! :)