Fractions in Third Grade

  • Fraction Strips

    You can create your own fraction strips to use at home!

    Print a page of fraction strips (on cardstock, if you have it), and carefully cut out each piece. You can print the strips in color, or print them in black and white and color them yourself! Store your fraction strips in a sealable baggie.

    Fraction Strips - colored

    Fraction Strips - black and white

  • Most students were introduced to basic fractions in second grade.  In third grade, we focus on a deeper understanding of fractions as a way to represent value. We learn to:

    • name/find fractions of a shape, a set or a number
    • accurately place fractions and mixed numbers on a numberline
    • recognize some equivalent fractions, based on their relative size and placement on a number line (We do not reduce or simplify fractions in third grade)
    • compare fractions and mixed numbers


    I created the following PowerPoint presentations to provide a detailed look at fractions in the Third Grade Curriculum.  The presentations include audio explanations, important vocabulary, examples and a few opportunities to practice and/or check for understanding. While they do not replace classroom instruction, they may be helpful in clarifying our content or providing the chance to review important concepts.

    Third graders will need assistance working with a PowerPoint presentation.

    apple icon Fractions, Part 1:
    Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    • Identifying and Writing Fractions
    • Representing Fractions and Mixed Numbers on a Numberline

    apple iconFractions, Part 2:
    Comparing Fractions

    • Comparing fractions using fraction strips, area models and numberlines

    apple iconFractions, Part 3:
    Equivalent Fractions

    • Review what it means to be "equivalent"
    • Finding equivalent fractions using fraction strips, area models and numberlines