Summer Storage Tips for Student Laptops For students 6th, 7th and 9th Grades

It is very important to store equipment over the summer in a safe location!

  • Power Down

    Last day of school while using WiFi: Do a FULL shutdown of the laptop
    (Remember to wait for the power light to go out BEFORE closing the lid

  • Powering down and chargeOnce home (and with the computer fully shut down)
    connect the laptop’s power supply to an AC outlet
    (you will see a light appear next to the power connection on laptop)
    and fully charge it overnight.

  • Laptop Charger Case

    Store the laptop and its charger in the case provided.

  • No Pets Liquids

    Store in a safe, out-of-the way location – away from pets and liquids.

  • Break Charge

    If you choose to use the computer over break,
    please complete a FULL shutdown each time you are finished
    and charge it fully once again.