Writing Workshop

  • Writing Workshop

    Please note that writing is not limited to writing workshop in 4th grade.  We will write in all subject areas and multiple times during the day.  Writing workshop gives us a daily block of time to learn about, practice and listen to quality writing.  In addition we will also use our reading/writing blocks to practice for the NYS ELA exam.

    Here is a tentative schedule for our Writing Workshop units:

    September: Basics of writing (parts of speech, complete sentences, paragraphs, punctuation and capitalization) and building writing stamina.

    October: Personal Narrative

    November: Responses

    December: Description

    January: Directions

    February: Persuasive Letters

    March: Explanation

    April: Persuasive Article

    May: Informational Narrative

    June: Poetry


     "We need every child to write. Almost every day, every K-5 child needs between 50-60 minutes for writing and writing instruction"

    Lucy Calkins A Guide to the Writing Workshops Grades 3-5


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