• Math Class

    Mrs. Hosbach




    Learning Logs:

    In math class this year, your child will be responsible for keeping a learning log.  The learning log, a 3-ring binder, will organize class notes and practice, as well as homework.  The learning log will travel to and from home daily.  Please help to ensure your child's daily success in math class by making sure they have their logs at school with them daily.   Please remind your child to keep all papers inside the binder.  At the end of each unit, all papers will be sent home for you to review with your child.



    Homework is assigned daily, Monday-Thursday and should take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.  Homework is a review of concepts covered in class.  If your child is struggling with homework, encourage them to review notes from the days lessons.   All homework should be kept inside the learning log.


    Learning Checks will occur every Friday.  Checks will cover material taught that week and could also contain previously learned skills.  The best way for your child to prepare for Friday's quiz is to review mistakes made on homework, class notes/practice.  Learning checks will be returned on Monday and placed inside student's binder to help with future review for tests.


    Tests are also given periodically throughout a unit. Student's will be given 1 week prior notice.  The best way for your child to prepare for a test is to review previous homework, classwork and quizzes.  Due to the fact that the tests are district designed they are not permitted to be sent home for review.  You will receive your child's score as well as some brief comments about areas to continue to focus on as well as areas in which your child did well.


    Fast Facts:

    With all the shifts in our curriculum it is more important than ever that each 4th grade student knows their addition, substraction, multiplication and division facts through 12.  Please continue to support and encourage your child as they work to master their facts.  Please encourage and remind your child to complete their fast facts a couple times a week.





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