• What class will I miss for band? None- band is a class on your schedule.

    Is it better to have an open period instead of music? This is different for everyone. However, many students in the band program say it gives them the break they need in their day and they get to do something they enjoy.

    What if I do band and another ensemble? You would rotate them every other day just like at Calkins. Band and orchestra are the same period. Chorus is not the same period so you would either do band or chorus full time and the other ensemble opposite PE.

    How can I cram in sports and other classes in my schedule and still have a study hall and lunch? Please see Mrs. Trapiss’s website for schedules of students currently in the program who do sports and other classes.

    Is the music hard? We start where you left off in 8th grade and gradually increase the difficulty as you get better.

    What is the major difference between middle and high school band? There is much more flexibility in the high school. The period for band is longer than it was at Calkins, so you are able to learn more and improve faster. And the teacher is different as well, so teaching style may vary.

    What kind of material do you play in high school band? We play all kinds of repertoire in the high school. We do marches, classical pieces, pop tunes, and traditional band pieces.

    If I play orchestra also, will I have enough time to do both? 100% yes. Students who have done both in the past tend to improve more quickly because they are getting music instruction from 2 different teachers.

    If I stop playing this year, can I start back up another year? Yes, however, missing a year of instruction in 9th grade can be difficult. We have students who stop playing their Sophomore or Junior year, but come back the following year and they do just fine.

    Do you need band to finish high school? No, however you need an Arts credit and if you already play an instrument, band is usually the easiest way to get your arts credit.

    How do lessons work in the high school? Lessons are on a rotating basis throughout the school day just like at Calkins. Your lesson day will stay the same, but the period will change. You only miss a class 2x a marking period as we rotate through 5 periods a day. There is a bit more flexibility when it comes to lessons at the high school.

    How big is the band? On average, the band can be anywhere from 40-70 students. Currently, we have 42 in the Concert Band and 46 in the Wind Ensemble