Counseling Services at Pittsford Schools

  • The PCSD counseling department empowers students to independently do their best work and be their best selves. Students will develop the character and skills necessary to participate ethically and productively in a global society.                                       

    As a result of participating in the PCSD Counseling program, students will be able to independently:

    • understand and reflect upon personal strengths, skills, and actions to guide life decisions; and flexibly adapt to change; 
    • act respectfully, responsibly, and ethically in all contexts. 
    • apply perspective taking and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships; 
    • utilize a variety of resources to set and reflect upon personal, academic, and career goals; 
    • problem-solve and resolve conflict using creative and innovative thinking skills;  
    • apply perseverance, positive attitude, strong work ethic, and self-discipline to productively participate in all settings.  

School Counselors

School Name Phone Email
Allen Creek Elementary Jenna Randisi 585-267-1260
Jefferson Road Elementary Elizabeth Candeias 585-267-1360
Mendon Center Elementary Andrea Pink 585-267-3924
Mendon Center Elementary Martha McKenna 585-267-3181
Park Road Elementary Robyn Paino 585-267-3727 Robyn
Thornell Road Elementary 585-267-3381
Barker Road Middle JoElyn Sesso 585-267-3943
Barker Road Middle Gail Ballard 585-267-3584
Barker Road Middle Lisa Weld 585-267-3669
Calkins Road Middle Jenna Kailbourne 585-267-3913
Calkins Road Middle Erin Sullivan 585-267-3123
Calkins Road Middle Amy Daniels 585-267-3944
Mendon High Eric Domroes, Head Counselor 585-267-3631
Mendon High Vincent DiGiacomo 585-267-3675
Mendon High Keith Molinich 585-267-3121
Mendon High James Englerth 585-267-3678
Sutherland High Jenna Zahariev 585-267-3120
Sutherland High Dawn Howe, Head Counselor 585-267-3676
Sutherland High Colleen Teel 585-267-3122
Sutherland High Ben Winter 585-267-3963