Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a combination of multiple authentication factors used to access a system. Adding MFA to your account increases security and makes it more difficult for your accounts and data to be compromised. Learn more about MFA: PCSD MFA Information

    Setting up MFA for your Office 365 account involves changing security settings within your Office 365 profile and adding an authentication app to your personal mobile device. There are a number of authentication apps that can be used, including Microsoft Authenticator and Twilio Authy.

    In the links at the bottom of this page, you will find instructions for setting up authentication using either Microsoft Authenticator or Authy on both iPhone and Android devices, as well as for backing up your accounts. For further information on account backup, please see below.

Backing Up Your MFA

  • Once you have chosen which app you wish to use, you will also want to note the backup process for your chosen app.

    Backing up provides even more security in the event that your mobile device is lost, stolen, or you simply get a new device and ensures that you will still have access to your accounts.

    Please note: If you choose to use Microsoft Authenticator as your authentication app, the backup process requires you to connect a personal Microsoft Outlook account. If you have an existing personal Outlook account, you may use that, or you can create a new personal account for free.

Single Sign-On for Infinite Campus

  • If you have access to Infinite Campus, once you have successfully set up your Multi-Factor Authentication, you will also be able to use Single Sign On for Infinite Campus. When you go to Infinite Campus, you will be able to click the Faculty/Staff Single Sign On button to sign in.