What is Giftedness?

  • What is Giftedness?

    Pittsford Schools are committed to understanding and developing optimal ability in all students. We know that students with exceptionally advanced learning needs possess individual differences, including emotional, social, academic and developmental. We believe that it is important to define and nurture exceptionally high ability in gifted learners. It is also important to use what we know about the development of gifted behavior and encourage it in all children.

    The question, “What is giftedness?” is not an easy one to answer. Students, parents, teachers and even experts disagree. In Pittsford we approach giftedness by looking at learning differences at a given point in time. We consider giftedness to be when a student’s learning needs at a particular point in time are so exceptional in relationship to their classmates’ needs that academic development will be slowed or stalled if adjustments to the curriculum are not made. For these profoundly gifted students we have a process called ARP (Acceleration Review Process) which helps us identify and plan for those who may need an accelerated program or other radical modifications to meet their needs.

    We also provide grade level enrichment opportunities for high performing students who demonstrate advanced ability in a given topic or skill. These enrichment groups are fluid and flexible, based upon need.


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Author Marsha Hayles discussing her work with students