Data Driven Small Groups

  • Data Driven Small Groups

    Students who demonstrate advanced ability in a given topic or skill may participate in an enrichment experience. These enrichment groups are fluid and flexible, based upon need. We measure the progress of all of our students and monitor their progress against the Common Learning Standards adopted by the NY State Department of Education. Students may participate in a small group enrichment experience when our criteria shows that their present level of performance in relationship to the standards is advanced.

    Primary Enrichment Unit Examples:

    • Nonfiction Text Study of Scientist Jane Goodall
    • The Amazing Animal World: Questioning and Shared Nonfiction Text 
    • Project M2 Designing a Shape Gallery
    • Geometric Problem Solving with Perseverance
    • The creation of the character Winnie-the-Pooh

    Intermediate Enrichment Unit Examples:

    • Close reading of common core exemplars
    • A Twin-Text Unit of Study: Historical Fiction and Nonfiction text
    •  Biography of E.B. White and personal essays
    • M3 At the Mall with Algebra: Working with Variables and Equation
    • Problem Solving Perseverance