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  • Process for Identifying and Meeting the Needs of  Profoundly Gifted Students

    Pittsford Schools follows a process for identifying and meeting the needs of profoundly gifted students at the elementary and middle level. This process, called Acceleration Review Process (ARP) , is followed when a possible need for acceleration or other radical modification is indicated through observation, classroom performance, performance on a high ceiling assessment, or other measures. As part of the process, data is collected and discussed by the building ARP Team. The team selects appropriate program options for the individual child.

    Pittsford uses the Mastery Model of giftedness as referenced in Being Smart about Gifted Children by Karen B. Rogers, Ph.D., 2002.

    [Profound ] Giftedness is exceptionally advanced subject-specific ability at a particular point in time, such that a student’s learning needs cannot be met well without significant adaptation to the curriculum.


    Who is Gifted?

    Acceleration Review Process (ARP)


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