Course Acceleration

  • Course Acceleration:

    Opportunities for course acceleration exist at the secondary level. Most course acceleration occurs through Honors level and AP courses.

    Double Accelerated/Pre-Algebra Honors Math for 6th grade students

    Instructional Challenge facilitates the identification of a small number of mathematically gifted and talented fifth grade students for placement in Double Accelerated/Pre-Algebra Honors Math as sixth graders. Teaching strategies and approaches that encourage and challenge mathematically talented learners are implemented. Students go deeper into the content and questions of the curriculum and proceed at a much faster pace in this challenging course. 

    Ability, aptitude and achievement data, along with work habits, are considered when making this decision. The class is extremely demanding, and students who are successful generally meet the criteria in all areas. In order to be successful as they move through future math curriculum at a radically accelerated pace, they need to have a solid and in-depth understanding of concepts and skills and be self-motivated learners.

    When we select students for placement, we screen across the district for students who show exceptional ability. Data is gathered from the state ELA and Math assessments and the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test given in 4th grade. This data is reviewed to identify students who will take an above grade level achievement test. The above grade level achievement test (aptitude) indicates which students will continue to perform at high levels if accelerated. The Instructional Challenge Specialists review the data and identify students who score at predetermined benchmarks. Students who qualify are reviewed at the Building Instructional Support Team and a recommendation regarding placement in Double Accelerated/Pre-Algebra Honors Math is made to parents.

    We do not have a certain number of spots available per building. Rather we are looking for those few students cross-district who demonstrate such exceptional math ability that they require a program of study that accommodates their unique learning needs. Many bright and gifted students do not qualify for placement in this course.


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