Course Description

  • Double Accelerated/Pre-Algebra Honors Math Course Description

    Pre-Algebra Honors Math is a double accelerated yearlong course designed for mathematically talented and gifted 6th grade students. Research shows that mathematical promise is a function of ability, motivation, belief in one’s ability to succeed, and opportunity. Teaching strategies and approaches that encourage and challenge talented learners are implemented. Multiple opportunities are provided to work on interesting mathematical problems and investigations. Students go deeper into the content and questions of the curriculum in this challenging class.


    Characteristics of Mathematically Talented Students

    Mathematical talent refers to an unusually high ability to understand mathematical ideas and to reason mathematically, rather than just a high ability to do arithmetic computations or get top grades in mathematics.

    Some characteristics and behaviors exhibited by mathematically talented students:

    -         An unusually keen awareness of and intense curiosity about numeric information;

    -         An unusual quickness in learning, understanding, and applying mathematical ideas;

    -         A high ability to think and work abstractly and the ability to see mathematical patterns and relationships;

    -         An unusual ability to think and work with mathematical problems in flexible, creative ways rather than in a stereotypic fashion; and

    -         An unusual ability to transfer learning to new untaught mathematical situations.