About Mrs. Kokinda

  • Hi there!  This is me in a very small nutshell:  I grew up locally, and quite happily, in East Rochester. I attended the University of Rochester as an English and Film major and continued to enjoy the Rochester area. Upon graduating I moved away to NYC and even tried LA on for size.  (The only other place I had ever lived was a summer spent on Martha's Vineyard during college. The farthest I've traveled is to Bangkok, Thailand, however for a job I had before I became a teacher!)  

    Over time I came to realize that I was meant to be an educator and came back to Rochester, attending the Warner School at the University of Rochester in order to receive a Masters Degree in Inclusive (Special) Education.  Over the past ten years I have taught in local private and public schools, gathering perspective and experience, learning from many excellent colleagues and striving to become ever better at what I do.  I am now certified in General Elementary Education, Special Education and Literacy Education and am thrilled to be teaching at Jefferson Road Elementary in Pittsford.  

    I love books.  I especially love pop-up books, and I love musicals.  I love our diverse school community and I embrace learning about cultures and languages.  I am grateful for all the support I have in my life from my school and personal communities, too.

    But I love learning and staying curious above all else.