Homework Routine

  • Guidelines for Good Homework Habits:  

    • Think about where and when you should do your homework.  Do you have a comfortable, quiet spot to work in?  Do you have enough time so that you don't feel rushed?
    • Remember to simply do your best.  The work you do at home is a chance to practice something we have done in school. It is ok to make mistakes but you should make your work neat and legible.
    • Ask for help from your teacher if you did not understand homework!  Good students don't just know everything! They ask for help.
    • Show responsibility by packing your own bag and bringing your homework to school every day.  If you forget your homework, think of another way to complete the work. If you are confused, call a classmate for help.
    The Homework Routine
    Read for about 20 minutes and use your reading log and keep track of what you are reading. Turn it in daily.  Maybe morning is the right time for you to read for 15 minutes and then 15 more after school, too.  Maybe you can read best for 30 minutes before your bedtime.  Figure out what works for you, find something good to read (magazines, directions for a game or lego kit, recipes for cake pops, whatever!) and just do it!  Read a variety of things throughout the year.  Go to the public library and find something different.  Ask your teacher for a recommendation. Try an audio book once in a while!  

    Complete the Math packet that comes home at the beginning of the week.  It is due by the end of the week but you CAN turn it in as soon as you finish it.
    At least ONCE a week
    Practice your keyboarding (typing) at home on TypingPal WITH GOOD FINGER POSITIONING and WITHOUT looking at the keyboard!  
    (Also exposure and practice with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint is VERY helpful!)