K-5 Music Curriculum

  • The PCSD music curriculum centers on building strong foundations in music for future learning.  Our curriculum closely follows the New York State Arts Standards for Music: Create, Perform, Respond, and Connect. We focus on using singing voices, internalizing and moving to the steady beat, playing classroom instruments, and foundations of reading music.  

    Our Music Vocabulary includes...
    6 Elements of Music: Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Timbre, Form, Expression
    Beat, Rhythm, Pitch
    Tempo - fast/presto   slow/largo
    Dynamics - loud/forte   soft/piano
    Form -- AB, ABA, verse/refrain, ostinato, theme/variations, verse/refrain
    performer, conductor, composer, improvise
    4 Basic Voices - talk, sing, whisper, shout 

    Music Room Rules
    1. Be respectful and polite.
    2. Be safe.
    3. Be a good listener and follow directions.
    4. Take good care of classroom instruments.
    5. Try your best!

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