Mrs. Carpin's Class Schedule

Our Schedule

  • Mrs. Carpin's Class Schedule


    Calendar for Mrs. Carpin's Class

    Arrival:  8:30 am

    Lunch & Recess: 11:45-12:30

    Dismissal:  3:05 pm


    Our Schedule

    Our school uses a 6-day schedule. 

    The schedule at the top of this page represents the general plan for our six days. While this schedule represents what we will normally do, individual days will vary based on the needs of the class.


    "WIN" stands for "What I Need".  This time is reserved to focus on specific needs observed in the classroom. No new content is introduced during this time. Students will likely be working on many different activities, depending on their needs. They may even join students in other classrooms during this time.  Activities during the WIN block may include but are not limited to:

    • one-on-one or small group work with a teacher to reteach or reinforce difficult topics
    • time to finish work or make corrections to work
    • conferencing with a teacher or peers about a project
    • practicing skills such as typing, math facts, spelling, etc.
    • meeting with and working with one of our school specialists
    • working on an extension or enrichment assignment
    • participating in small group activities or projects to practice or apply skills learned in class

    "Friday Fun"

    We usually set aside about 20 minutes on Friday afternoon for "Friday Fun" or "Game Time."  Students may have free time to play and socialize or we may do a fun activity together as a class. The exact timing for Friday fun may vary, depending on what else is happening that day.