English Language Arts

  • "English Language Arts" (ELA) includes many different skill areas:
    • reading
    • writing, as composition
    • writing, as grammar, spelling and mechanics
    • speaking
    • listening
    • keyboarding, cursive and manuscript writing
    Reading Instruction
    We improve our skills through many different avenues:
    • large and small group read-aloud and discussion
    • classroom reading assignments
    • close reading of selected sentences, paragraphs or passages
    • small group study and discussion
    • independent reading and response activities
    Students can look forward to reading "fun" or "easy" books as well as books and other texts that challenge them. 

    In accordance with the Common Core Standards, we will spend most of our time working with high-quality books written at a Third Grade level.  We'll use many different strategies to support readers needing assistance and to ensure more independent readers are fully grasping the themes and sub-themes in the texts.