• Third Grade Science 

    The Third Grade Science curriculum includes these major units:
    Generations of Butterflies--Students observe the life cycle of butterflies, learn about the unique migration of the monarch butterfly, and learn about traits as they compare and contrast the life cycles and traits of different living things.
    Invisible Forces--We introduce the idea of "force" through experimentation and observation. We learn about inertia, gravity, friction, magnetism and other concepts related to force.
    Where Are the Wolves?--
    We study the history of wolves in Yellowstone National Park to learn about the role of the apex predator in an ecosystem. We study behavioral and phyiscal traits that help wolves and other species survive.
    Stormy Skies--
    We learn about weather: different types, causes, and impacts on people. We explore the relationship between weather and climate, and hear how scientists use tools to montitor, predict and understand weather patterns.
    You can access detailed about the 3rd grade science curriculum on the PCSD website