Math and Math Resources

  • Math Is Fun in Third Grade!

    This year we focus on ensuring we have a solid understanding of numbers, numeration and operations.  We'll use our understanding of numbers to represent them in multiple ways, and use flexible strategies to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We'll learn to show our mathematical thinking by explaining and defending our answers in words, symbols and drawings.  

    Our studies will also include fractions, geometry, and measurement.

    Math Fact FRENZY
    Mastering math facts will be an ongoing effort throughout the year.  Our goal for the end of the year is to reach these standards:
    • Addition facts, single digits                      20 problems in 2 minutes
    • Subtraction facts, (inverse of addition)      20 problems in 2 minutes
    • Multiplication facts, factors 0-10               20 problems in 2 minutes
    • Division facts, (inverse of multiplication)    20 problems in 2 minutes
    Students set goals for themselves each week, either to improve their accuracy or to improve their time.  Weekly fact quizzes test student progress toward their goals. Some time is give for practice in the classroom, but regular study at home for 10-15 minutes each day is the best way to learn them quickly. 

    Need some tips?
    • Keep flashcards handy.  Work on just 5-7 new facts at a time.
    • Quiz each other in the car on the way to soccer practice, or while waiting for the bus.
    • Use a stop watch to time yourself. See how long it takes you to do 20 problems, then do the same 20 again and try to beat your time.
    • Check online for math fact games (check with Mom or Dad first!). A few sites are listed below.
    • Roll 2 dice. Use those numbers as the digits for your facts.  Play with a friend and see who can get the correct answer first.

    You may find the following resources helpful towards understanding what we are doing in Math or for extra practice.

    Kid Zone: Create A Graph
    This is a cool site that walks kids through the process of creating their own graph online.  Kids (and grown-up kids, too!) can collect whatever kind of data interests them, then create awesome, colorful graphs. Mom and Dad may want to help the first time, but the directions are easy once you get used to the site.

    Math Playground

    This site offers many different types of math activities. Check here for math videos that can help you learn new concepts, or for math games.  Most of the games focus on multiplication and division skills. 

    This site offers online practice and skills checks for a wide range of Third Grade math skills.
    This site offers video game style games to practice addition, subtraction, mulitplication and division, and includes the feature of playing online against other people.  Try your hand at blasting aliens using addition, or set up a game and play with up to 3 friends online. (Mom and Dad--I recommend helping your child set up a "private" game with a password so that they can play against people they know.)