•     Homework is assigned each day, and is usually practice of skills we have studied that day or work we began in class that needs to be finished at home. 

    Our Planners
        We use a spiral bound planner to keep track of our homework and our Word Work Words for the week.  We also use this planner to record any reminders, such as forms that are due or theme days that are coming up.

    How Much Homework?
        You can expect to have 15-40 minutes of homework Monday-Thursday.  This includes an expectation of reading 10-20 minutes each night. I do not generally give homework over the weekends, however longer-term projects, such as book reports or research projects, may be assigned over several days, which may include weekends.   

    Help Establish Good Homework Habits
        Responsibility for recording, completing, and returning homework is one of the skills we emphasize in 3rd grade.  Help your child establish a homework routing that fosters responsibility and reinforces organizational skills:
    • Talk with your child about his or her homework each afternoon.
    • Designate a time to do homework.
    • Find a comfortable, quiet place to do homework.
    • Encourage your child to pack and re-pack his or her own folders and book-bag.
    What If I Can't Do My Homework?
        Life happens!  Sometimes your family really is so busy one evening that it is impossible to find time to do your homework.  Sometimes problems are too tricky--even with Mom or Dad helping! Sometimes the dog eats your homework (and YES, that really has happened here!)

        Homework is important, and it is important for you to get into the habit of doing your homework consistently.  But it is okay if things sometimes don't go as planned.  If any of these things happens to you, please don't worry! Ask one of your parents to write me a short note explaining the situation. You and I will work together to re-explain the assignment or to decide the best time for you to complete it.