SEI Mission Statement


    Mission Statement:

    The Summer Enrichment Institute provides a variety of learning experiences for students in the areas of Academic & Life Skills and Performance & Visual Arts. The program encourages students to develop a positive self-concept, continue interest in educational and artistic classes, and work together toward a common goal.

    The Summer Enrichment Institute relies on the partnership of  students, teachers, and parents to develop the potential of each participant.

     SEI’s Program Goals are to…

    • support students’ enthusiasm, interests, and creative expression in related learning and performance areas
    • provide top quality programs taught by highly trained and experienced staff
    • instill positive values
    • foster positive self-esteem
    • develop life skills
    • build social competencies
    • promote a commitment to learning
    • provide a safe and encouraging environment for students to try new things
    • empower students to believe in themselves and their abilities

     The Summer Enrichment Institute is designed to inspire all participants toward creative thinking and developing skills necessary for our ever-changing world.