SEI Mission Statement


    Mission Statement

    The Summer Enrichment Program provides a variety of learning experiences for students in the areas of Academic & Life Skills and Performance & Visual Arts. The program encourages students to develop a positive self-concept, continued interest in educational and artistic classes and working together for a common goal. The Summer Enrichment Institute relies on the partnership of students, teachers, and parents to develop the potential of each student.

    Program Goals

    This program is designed to support students’ enthusiasm, interests and creative expression in related learning and performing areas.  The Summer Enrichment Program will provide top quality programs taught by highly trained and experienced staff.  The program goals are to instill positive values, foster positive self-esteem, help develop life skills, build social competencies and promote a commitment to learning. We provide a safe & encouraging environment for students to try new things. To empower the students to believe in themselves and their ability is a major goal of SEI.