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  •  Our Newspaper Club

    Do you love to write?
    Are you looking for a fun way to learn from other writers?
    Are you ready and willing to contribute as part of a team?
    Become a part of the MCE School Newspaper Club!

    The school newspaper is an after-school program open to 5th grade and 4th grade students who love to write and are open to learning new things to improve their writing.
    Club members work together to generate ideas, select topics, and review each other's writing. We also use our time to learn more about writing and ways to improve our craft.
    Most of the actual writing is done at home, independently, between meetings.

    Meetings are held roughly every other Tuesday afternoon, from dismissal to 4:30 pm in Mrs. Carpin’s room. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Parents are required to provide transportation home after club meetings end at 4:30. There is no late bus for Newspaper Club, and no students may walk or bike home from the meetings without an adult.

    I will share information about specific meeting dates and how to register a few weeks after school starts.  

    Mrs. Carpin