Meeting 1: Getting Familiar with Newspapers

  • We had our first meeting today. During this meeting we focused on three topics:  

    • What is a newspaper?  We looked through several newspapers and noticed the kinds of articles and ads and other items you find in a newspaper. Students noticed news reports, sports stories, puzzles, comics, recipes, book reviews, coupons, and many other types of writing. 
    • Who is our audience?  We talked about how writers write to a specific audience. Newspapers are written to inform and entertain specific groups of people. Some audiences are large: USA TODAY targets a national audience, while the Brighton-Pittsford Post focuses more on local things. Our audience is the students, staff and parents of MCE, about 800-1000 people. We talked about the kinds of things that would appeal to our audience. 
    • What is the newspaper process? I talked with kids about expectations for the newspaper and how we produce each issue.  We discussed what to bring to meetings (pencil, highlighter, folder, paper or journal for ideas) and the 5 steps we go through to get an issue ready to publish.