Peer Review: Revision and Editing

  • Revising and Editing 

    Before we finalize our articles, we help each other improve them. 

    In small groups, we talk about revising our articles, finding ways to make them more complete, more interesting or easier to read, and editing our writing, correcting mistakes in spelling, capitalization, and grammar that may distract or confuse our readers.

    We work together, taking turns and following these steps:


    • The author reads his or her article aloud to the group.
    • Each member of the group listens to the article and thinks of these things they can share with the author:
      • one compliment, something they like about the article or the writing
      • one question, something they want to know more about or something they did not understand
      • one suggestion, an idea for how the author can improve the article
    • The author listens to all of these ideas and uses them to make changes to his or her article.
    • Authors trade papers.
    • Each reads the paper, looking for possible errors.
    • The readers write suggestions for corrections on sticky notes and attach them to the paper.
    • The author reads the suggestions and considers making the corrections.

    Student authors are not required to make changes suggested by their peers, but they are strongly encouraged to improve their work, using peer suggestions as a guide. Good authors want to publish high quality work and actively seek feedback from others.