April Fool's Issue Planning

  • Understanding April Fool’s Day
     We are unsure of when or how April Fool’s Day began, but it has been around in one form or another for at least 300 years. It is a day when friends act mischievously and try to trick each other with pranks and hoaxes.

    -          A good hoax is something that people are likely to believe at first, then catch themselves, “What, what?!” Think of the old joke: “Your shoe is untied…gotcha!” as an example, or check out some of the most famous hoaxes (see below) .

    -         If you can’t get a reader to believe any part of your article, or to wonder if part is true, it is just a silly article and not really a trick.


    Making Stories Believable

    All writers want readers to believe what they have to say. They have a story to report or an idea they want readers to agree with. They need to make it easy for people to believe what they are reading.

    If someone is trying to convince you of something, or if they are trying to tell you something a bit strange, what kinds of things make you believe—or could make you believe—them?”

    pictures                       someone backs them up        evidence     

    numbers/data           graphics                                      maps           

    examples                     charts                                          specific details

    sources                        other sources                            quotes from famous or respected people


    Coming up with Incredible, Credible Articles

    So, are you ready to write an April Fool's article? 

    Start by thinking of topics that would make good, “real” news stories that interest would interest our readers. Some examples might include:

                changes in school rules       cafeteria                 recess               testing

                current events                       sports                      weather           field trips

                popular TV shows                special events        animals            food

    You can even watch the news or flip through a newspaper to find actual news stories to get you started.


    Brainstorm ideas that that might give these “normal” stories an odd, but interesting twist. 


    Ø  Pittsford Students Required to Wear Uniforms in 2014-2015

    Ø  Bobby Flay Coming to MCE for a Shrimp Poppers Throwdown

    Ø  Cafeteria to Begin Serving Sushi; Miss Sharon Sent to Tokyo for Training

    Ø  MCE to pilot the new Standardized Testing Utilization, Preparation, and Initial Diagnosis Testing (S.T.U.P.I.D. Testing) program. This set of 3 tests will test students’ and teachers’ readiness to use and take state tests.

    Ø  Meteorologists Discover Clouds with Actual Silver Linings

    Ø  Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox Merge into a Single Sports Team: New Uniforms Will Be Pink.

    Ø  Yotality introduces new, high-fiber line of desserts called “GO-Tality”

    Ø  Third Grade Wins United Nations grant: Field Trip to Brazil scheduled in May

    Ø  Helping Hands Holding an Ice Pack collection drive to fight global warming

    Ø  Mr. Puma to appear on Dancing with the Stars

    Ø  “Meteor” Explosion over Russia Actually Caused by Failed 5th Grade Science Experiment


    Support your new, imagined story with evidence and examples to make it seem much more credible, or believable.  See the link below, "Be (in)Credible"



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