Inspiring Young Writers Workshop - Guest Speaker Event 3/30/17

  • On Thursday, April 23, 2020, we will host our annual Inspiring Young Writers workshop. Student newspaper club members will have the opportunity to participate in small group question-and-answer discussions with guest speakers from a range of writing and journalism backgrounds.

    In the past, our terrific line-up of guest speakers have included:

    • news anchors
    • reporters
    • magazine editors
    • TV news editors
    • published authors
    • journalism professors and students
    • bloggers
    • columnists
    • high-school newspaper club members
    • graphic artists
    • advertising professionals


    In preparation for the workshop, we will ask students to think of several questions he or she would like to ask our guests. In past years, students have come prepared with terrific questions about our speakers' jobs, experience, inspiration, studies, and preferences (most/least favorite assignment, etc.)  The workshop is rewarding for both our guests and our student writers!


    If you or someone you know would like to be a guest speaker at this year's Inspiring Young Writers Workshop, please contact Angela Carpin at




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