Our Process

  • Creating a great newspaper issue does not happen by accident--or by magic!! It starts by having great ideas, then taking the time and doing the work to help each other create interesting, entertaining articles. Here is an overview of our process:

    Step 1:       Think of a great idea!

        • Something you find interesting
        • Something related to school, Pittsford, the world
        • Something students or their families will find interesting

    Step 2:       Decide what information you want to include about your idea, and how you will get it

        • Talk to people who are involved.
        • Research online or in a book
        • Visit and observe

    Step 3:       Use the information you gathered to write a first draft.

        • Organize your ideas and points.
        • Think of a title or headline to go with your idea.
        • Use the good writing skills you use in school!

    Step 4:       Bring the draft of your article to our next meeting!

        • Draft articles may be handwritten or typed.
        • We will share our articles with each other (peer review) and get ideas for making them even better!

    Step 5:       Prepare your article for publication!

        • Make changes based on feedback from the peer review meeting.
        • Type your article. Please use Times or Cambria.
          Please do NOT use different colors or fancy fonts
        • Email your article to Mrs. Carpin: