Newspaper Club FAQs

  • Do I Need a Dismissal Note to Come to the Meetings?

    Yes!  You must have an MCE dismissal note to stay after school for the meetings. You should bring one with you the morning of our meetings.

    May I Come to the Meetings Late if I Can’t Be There at Dismissal?

    For safety reasons, you may come to the meetings only if you are able to be there at school dismissal, when I take attendance.

    May I ride the activity bus home?

    No. Unfortunately, the bus leaves too early for us to complete the work we need to do. You will need to arrange for someone to pick you up at 4:30 when the meeting ends. Many students carpool with friends who are in the club.

    What If I Want to Join, but I Can’t Come to all of the Meetings?

    It is best if you can attend meetings, but if you would like to be a part of the newspaper and are unable to attend all of the meetings, that is fine!  Meetings are important because that is how you learn what is expected, find out when things are due, and help each other with our writing. You are responsible for finding out any information that you have missed.

    What Should I Bring to the Meetings?

    We want our meetings to be as productive as possible.  Please bring the following items with you to each meeting:

    • a notebook
    • a pocket folder
    • a pencil
    • any notes or drafts you have made since the last meeting


    Please note: Out of respect for the rooms we are using Food and drinks are not permitted during our meetings. Please let me know if a medical condition requires an exception to this rule.

    What Happens When the Meeting Ends?

    Parents will come to the main office at 4:30 to meet one of the adult newspaper leaders. Students will be called to the office at that point to meet their ride. Per school policy, NO STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO WALK OR BIKE HOME FROM THE MEETING. 

    How will I find out about deadlines and other newspaper news?

    I will share important information with students during the meeting, but will also communicate these things to parents via email, using the address on the registration form.  If you do NOT receive an email from me within the first 2 weeks, please let me know so I can correct your email address in my file.

    How are articles submitted to the paper?

    Articles for the paper should be submitted via email to Mrs. Carpin by the announced deadline.  MS Word is the prefered word processing program. Articles should be typed, preferably with 12 pt. Times font.  In most cases, special colors and fonts cannot be transferred to the final draft, so articles with “fancy” type require re-formatting before they can be published.


    Do you have additional questions? Please email Mrs. Carpin: