Kinds of Writing in the Newspaper

  • You have many different options when you write for a newspaper.  Choose to write or create something you will enjoy!  Consider one of these ideas:


    News Articles:  Report about things that have happened, are happening, or will happen in our school, district, town, state, country or world. Field trips, new programs, changes in rules, current events, sporting events, fund raisers, and special accomplishments make great news articles.

    Essay Article:  Choose a subject that interests you and write about it. If you like animals, you could write a non-fiction article about endangered animals, how to train a new puppy, or about all the different kinds of lizards. If you like sports, you can write about what it is like to play rugby, or you could describe what it takes to be a good soccer goalie. Many writers find it very easy to talk and write about topics they love!

    Recipe or Instructions:  Share your knowledge with us! Consider writing down your favorite recipe for nachos or fruit smoothies. You can give instructions on how to make a paper airplane, or how to build a cool avatar in a video game. An article with the ingredients or supplies someone would need, and the instructions on how to make or do something, gives readers something new to try!

    Puzzle:  Many readers like the challenge of a good puzzle or riddle! You can create a word search, crossword, or other kind of puzzle for our newspaper. Think about the theme you want for your puzzle, and plan your clues carefully! There are many resources online to help you create puzzles and games--ask mom or dad to help you.

    Comic:  Comics are VERY popular with our writers and readers but, BE CAREFUL: they are very tricky to write well!  A comic should tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end in a very short way. It is important that a reader can follow your story, read the writing, and understand what the pictures are showing.  Please read over the handout for Comics and Puzzles before you start your comic strip.

    Interview: Introducing...a great story! We have many interesting people in our school and in our community. Maybe you want to interview a new teacher so that the school gets to know him or her better. Do you have a favorite lunch monitor or two? Find out more about them and share it with our audience.  Is there someone you see around the building, but you are not sure what they do? Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and learn about them. Does your neighbor do something that others would find interesting, like being a veterinarian, a professional clown, a sculptor, or whatever? Write about them!

    Review:  Do you know that book or movie or game or toy or techno item you can't stop talking about? How about the awesome restaurant, trampoline park, go cart track or museum you keep telling others to try? Write about it! Readers love it when people share their experiences about new things. You can describe what it is and whether or not you enjoyed it.  Share the things you loved and the things you didn't like so much.

    Advertisement:  Newspapers sell space on their pages to folks who want to advertise upcoming events, ask for volunteers, or sell things.  We don't sell ad space in our paper, but you can write an advertisement to promote special events or to ask people to participate in things.  Examples of advertisements that could be appropriate include: Visit the MCE Mart, Come to the Winter Concert, Participate in the Food Drive, ... or things like that.