Reading Comprehension

  • Reading Comprehension


    To help support your child’s comprehension, it is essential to talk about what your child is reading before, during and after reading.  Below is a chart that provides starting points to build comprehension skills at home.



    -          What do you think the story will be about?

    -          What do you think will happen next?

    -          If the story were to continue, what do you think might happen?


    -          What pictures are you making in your head right now?

    -          What do you see the characters doing?

    -          What does the character _____________ look like in your head?


    This is when you and your child stop reading and ask questions.  Some examples might be:

    -          Why did ____________ do that?

    -          What does ____________ mean?

    -          Why did the character do that?

    Text- to-Self Connections

    Examples of Text-to-Self Connections sound like:

    -          This part reminds me of...

    -          This part makes me think about..

    -          I can relate to this character because...

    -          The text says___________. This reminds me of...

    Text- to-Text Connections

    Examples of Text-To-Text Connections sound like:

    -          This book reminds me of the book _________ because...

    -          This part reminds me of the story ___________ because both characters...

    -          This book is similar to the book ___________ because...


    -          What is the problem in this story?

    -          What did the characters do to try and solve the problem? Did it work?

    -          What was the solution of the story?


    -          How do you think the character felt? Why?

    -          Why do you think _________ happened in the story?

    -          What kind of person is _____________?

    -          Choose a word to describe the character.