Decoding Strategies

  • Decoding Strategies


    When your child is stuck on a word while reading, there are many strategies he/she can utilize to help them figure it out.  Below are the strategies that your child will be learning this year.

    Reading Strategy



    Skippy Scott


    Skip over the tricky word.  Read the rest of the sentence and try it again.



    Flip Flop Froggy


    “Flip flop” the vowel sound.  If you tried the word using a short vowel sound, try the word using a long vowel instead.  Reread the word.  Does it make sense?



    Eagle Eye



    Look at the pictures carefully.  Use the picture clues to decode tricky words. 



    Chunky Monkey



    Look for smaller “chunks” you know inside of bigger words.



    Stretchy Snake



    Stretch out the sounds in the word and blend them together.



    Lips the Fish



    Get your mouth ready.  Make the beginning sound of the word.



    Elephant Ears



    Listen carefully as you read the sounds in the word.  Does the sound match the letter?  Does the word make sense?