• Core Reading Instruction:

    At Pittsford Schools, 5th grade students are required to complete grade-level, thematic units. These units were developed by the District in efforts to provide students with authentic reading materials, high-quality instruction, and challenging assessment tasks. Within each reading unit, students will select a text that will allow them to apply new skills from teacher instruction. Students will then engage in book clubs to discuss their reading, analysis, and critiques of their selected text.
    Our 5th grade reading units are:
    • Suspend Your Disbelief (fantastical stories)- Class Read Aloud The Jumbies and Mananaland
    • On Their Own (overcoming challenges)- Class Read Aloud Front Desk and Esperanza Rising
    • Gamechangers (nonfiction reading of historical, gamechanging figures)- Various picture books and research unit, Hidden Figures: Young Reader Edition
    • Reading Around a Problem (global issues)
    Independent Reading:
    For students to experience reading success, they must engage in independent reading every single day. Therefore, part of our day will always be devoted to independent reading. During this time, your child is expected to read a text that is 'just right'. As a part of our reading partnerships, students will need chunks of time to voraciously read books from varying genres.
    During the first few weeks of the school year, I will engage students in mini-lessons on how to select these types of texts, how to read actively, strategies to use, etc. I will support students in selecting good texts, by providing my own book talks once a week and collaborating with our librarians for title recommendations.
    To hold students accountable for their progress during Independent Reading Partnerships, students will regularlymeet with a peer(s) to create TBR (to be read) lists, goals, schedules, etc. During this routine, students will compare the texts they are reading and ultimately decide on one title to present to the class as a partner book talk. More information will be shared with students in class on this routine. Information will also be posted on Independent Reading Partnerships on my website.