Homework Policy

  • All homework assignments will be recorded in your child's agenda/planner book, which will be given to him/her on the first day of school. This tool should be taken home and brought back every day. Learning to keep track of short and long-term assignments is critical in preparing for middle school. Please ask to see your child's agenda regularly. 


    Independent Reading Partnership

    I do not use any type of signed reading log. Instead, my students will be working with various peers throughout the school year to participate in Independent Reading Partnerships. Here is the gist of this routine:

    1. Students are paired/grouped and draft a TBR (To Be Read) list using interests from each reader. I will monitor, support, and guide as needed.
    2. Partnerships decide on 4 titles to include on their final TBR list.
    3. Partners decide on the first 2 titles to read--each student takes one title.
    4. Partners set a goal date to finish the book by and check-in regularly to talk about what is going on in the book.
    5. Partners finish their books by the goal date, discuss, and switch books.
    6. The routine repeats.
    7. After two books are completed, the partners decide which book they would like to present to the class in the style of a book talk.
    8. Partners prepare, practice, and deliver a shared book talk.
    9. Partners repeat the entire routine for the other 2 titles on their TBR list.
    10. Partnerships will change after TBR lists are completed.


    Research has proven, over and over, that a regular reading routine drastically improves students' academic success throughout the course of their education. To be actively engaged in a reading partnership, it is anticipated that students will need to read at least 20 minutes a night, which is standard, quality practice. I look forward to implementing this new approach for the 2021-2022 school year!


    Book Talks


    Students will share their reading interests and completed books in the format of book talks. During the first, full week of school, I will teach my expectations and the guidelines for book talks in my classroom. While students will have opportunities to work on their own reading during class time, the majority of the reading and preparation will need to be completed at home.


    I have five book talks scheduled for this school year. You can expect more information to come  by the end of the first,  full week of school. Our first book talk is scheduled towards the end of October. You can find more information about book talks on the separate navigation link on the side menu.


    Content Area Homework


    Most nights, students will have Math homework. Soemtimes Math homework will be paper-pencil and other times it will be online. Students will have a small composition notebook in their folders with class notes to assist when needed. If your child is truly struggling with math skills, please kindly send me an email and I will work one-to-one with your child to provide reteaching or more support. I try to keep Math homework at a maximum of 20-30 minutes per night.


    Social Studies homework is not assigned regularly--your child may have one Social Studies assignment per week, or perhaps specific vocabulary words to study. In some instances, students may need to finish Spelling tasks that were not completed in the given time frame during class.


    Important to Know

    There is no excuse for a child's agenda being blank. As a class, we complete agendas together, every day, to ensure that all assignments are recorded and understood.  In instances of "no homework", such information should be recorded.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding homework.  


    In my classroom, we enjoy "Fun Friday" to celebrate the end of a successful, productive week. Students with incomplete homework assignments will work on completing tasks during this additional "fun" time. 


    As a grade level, we do not allow students to call home for assignments that were left behind. This also includes instruments for band lessons.