• Social Studies

    This year in social studies you will learn about the Western Hemisphere. The focus will be:

    • Geography 
    • History 
    • Economics
    • Government 

    This year in social studies you will be learning and practicing the following strategies and study skills:

    • Reading strategies (visualizing, making connections, inferring, summarizing, asking questions)
    • Writing skills (summarizing, note taking, essay writing)
    • Speaking skills (giving presentations) 
    • Listening skills
    • Mathematical skills (analyzing documents, understanding graphs and charts)
    • Cooperative skills (working in small groups, listening to others, being respectful)

    This year in social studies we will also do some fun and creative activities:

    • acting/role playing
    • Powerpoint presentations 
    • participate in a trade fair
    • create your own island
    • use your imagination
    • visible thinking
    • keep and use your SS Source Book on a daily basis