Helping At Home

  • Time spent reading is the only proven way to help children become better readers.

      The best way to get your child to read or write, is to have them read or write about what interests them.  If they feel like it was their choice, they naturally will become more interested in it.  This is why it is important to make sure that they are reading and writing about things of interest to them.  Reading or writing with your child is a great way to bond as well as build their skills.  When reading, stop every so often and have a conversation about what you have read so far.  It can be a casual conversation such as discussing characters and if your child would want to be friends with them or not.  The key is to make it fun!  If your child wants to read something that is too difficult, try reading it with them or to them.  Anything to get your child reading and writing is going to help them grow.

    Click on the links below for helpful tips on supporting your child with his or her reading development at home!

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