Sight Words

  • Sight Words 
    Sight words are high frequency words that are found in 50-75% of books, newspapers and magazines. These words are irregular and therefore, cannot be sounded out.  Students must be able to identify these words automatically by sight.  Students with a large sight word vocabulary read more fluently.  Below are the first grade sight words, second grade sight words and Dolch Words.  I also have include some fun ways to practice sight words at home! 

    Hands-On/Tactile Activities:

    • magnetic letters
    • Unifix cubes
    • puzzles
    • tiles
    • write letters in sensory bins (rice, popcorn kernels, sand, beans etc...)
    • make with clay and Wiki Stixs
    • draw a picture to help them visualize the word and it's meaning
    • write the word several times while saying the word
    • write a sentence using the word

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