Word-Attack Strategies

  • Word-Attack Strategies
    Word-Attack strategies help students decode, pronounce or understand unfamiliar words when reading.  Students should flexibly use a variety of these strategies when reading.  If one strategy does not help decode the word, then they should try another strategy.  Below is a list of strategies students learn in first grade.  To help students remember and visualize the strategy animal references are used.  Bookmarks of these strategies are available at the bottom of the page.


    Eagle Eye
      -Look at the picture
       for clues

    Stretchy Snake
      -Stretch word out
      -Put sounds together
    Chunky Monkey
      -Look for word chunk
      -Look for a word part

    Skippy Frog
      -Skip the word
      -Read to the end
      -Hop back & read it
    Tryin' Lion
      -Try to reread
      -Try using a word you know that has the same letters.

    Helpful Kangaroo
      -Ask for help after
       you have tried the
       other strategies

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