Textbook Purchasing

  • The Textbook Purchasing form is to used to request textbooks for the classroom as defined by the state. See the definition below.

    State definition of a “Textbook”: Any book or book substitute which a pupil is required to use as a text or text substitute in a particular class or program as a primary source of study material intended to implement a major part of a State or local curriculum. Examples of textbooks are: lab manuals, workbooks, novels used to teach English courses, courseware in electronic format, newspapers or news magazines and books required as outside reading.

    Textbooks are used by the students. If teacher materials are included in a purchase a Supply code should be listed for those items.

    Textbook Budgeting Process:

    Decisions regarding the purchase of textbooks for the following year occur in two phases each year. Teachers requesting the purchase of new or replacement textbooks for their classroom should work with the appropriate Standards Leader, as well as their building principal, to follow the process as outlined below.

    Phase 1 – By December 20, Standards Leaders will submit to the ASI anticipated expenditures for the following:

    • Whole course textbook purchases – whether for new textbook adoption or replacement textbooks for a course
    • Supplemental/Consumable texts that are used district wide across an entire grade level or department

    The recommendation for these purchases should be made by the Standards Leader, working with their Steering Committee (or similar group), based on a set of shared criteria.

    The December 20 deadline allows for these costs to be considered when creating the annual budget.

    Phase 2 – All other requests for textbook purchases are due by teachers to their Standards Leader by March 15. This might include the following:

    • New sets of novels for ELA units/book clubs
    • Supplemental resources to support students receiving special education support
    • Requests for new or different resources being made by one building or one grade level but not for use across the district

    Standards Leaders, working with their Steering Committee (or similar group), will review the requests, and prioritize them based on a set of shared criteria.

    The Textbook Purchasing Request Form should be filled out completely and forwarded to the appropriate Standards Leader. Quotes for books can be attached instead of filling out the item portion.

    Forms with signatures will be approved by the ASI and returned to the building secretary for ordering.

    Please work with your building secretary for budget information.

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