• .What is Sumdog? Sumdog's free mathematic games are designed to improve mental math fluency at grades 1-8. Most of the games are multiplayer, letting students around the world practice against one another.

    sumdog screen








    Starting on the right side:

    Top box – teacher name, password – please do not change passwords – trying to keep them consistent – school code info


    Under Mendon Center Elementary (or name of your school) box – settings: - where you see list of teachers, classes and students – ask your ITSS( or myself) for assistance if you need to add class or students etc. Since we now pay for this we have set number of slots so we need to keep track of how many etc.

    Skills – modify skill plan

    What is a skill plan?

    The skill plan determines the order in which your students progress through your standards.

    Here’s the info from company about the changes:

    Sumdog must determine each student’s level

      • When the students first login they will be “tested” to determine the correct level for them to work at. You can also set assignments, reorder skills, create assessments that will set them at the right level.


        With our subscription we now get reports


        report icons


    On left side:

    Setting Up Assessment – give assessment name, number of questions, time allowed, time the assessment is able to be taken (date and time), which students, what skills, review the questions

    Under Activities:

    Setting up Challenge – this allows you to decide who they play, a target for each player, what skills you want them to focus on, what games they can play.

    Setting up Competition – choose what students you want to play, what skills they work on AND what games they get to play to do so.

     You can restrict what activities they do:







    There are many different games available but they all will focus on the math skill your student is working on