• BookFlix – Grades K-2 - the online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related. Each BookFlix unit includes the following elements: Watch the Story: streaming video of a classic children’s story. A Read Along option can be activated to display the audio portion of the story, with word-by-word highlighting, as it plays. Read the Book: related nonfiction text presented in a flipbook format. The Read Along option can be activated to hear the text read aloud with word-by-word highlighting. In addition, key content vocabulary words are highlighted in yellow. Placing the cursor on the highlighted word will display its definition, and the ear icon can be clicked to hear the definition read aloud. Puzzlers: interactive educational games related to the specific pair. Word Match reinforces key vocabulary from the nonfiction text by asking players to match a definition to the correct vocabulary word. Fact or Fiction underscores the differences between fiction and nonfiction by asking players to identify a series of statements as either fact or fiction. Ear icons can be clicked to hear the game directions, as well as all statements and definitions, read aloud. Meet the Author: a profile of the author of the story on which the video is based. An ear icon can be clicked to hear the profile read aloud. At the end of each profile is a link to a Web site containing more information on the author. Explore the Web: editorially selected, age-appropriate Web links related to the pair topic. Lesson Plan: suggested teaching activities created specifically for each fiction/nonfiction pair. All lesson plans are aligned to national language-arts and content-area standards. The lesson plan is also available as a printable PDF.


    Check with your teacher, school librarian, or email Mrs. Kempski, for password information