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    Any problems with any of this please let me know and put in a help desk ticket and I will help you set this up. I did this with one of your colleagues so we know it works BUT there are a few "confusing" screens that come up.

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    To Use the new Investigations resources:

    The INV3 program is on a new platform called Realize.  You access it by going to  They should be able to log into this site with their Pearson Successnet username and password and it will take them through a series of prompts that they fill out for their grade level. 

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Sign Up

    3. Click on Request a School code and put in your email and zip code of school and click on your school from drop-down list. For instance the school code for Thornell is 839252

    4. Complete the registration process creating unique username and password.



    Teacher Registration



    This guide explains how teachers self-register for Pearson Realize.


    Pearson Realize provides premium content correlated to state standards. Content is organized in a way that allows teachers to search by keyword, browse the table of contents, or browse by standards. In addition to searching content, Pearson Realize offers tools that enable teachers to customize and add their own content. A comprehensive set of reports and student usage data gives teachers the power to target instruction to improve student outcomes.



    Teachers with an existing Pearson digital curriculum account should not register. This includes accounts for Pearson SuccessNet, SuccessNet Plus. If you have an account for one of these digital systems, just log in and continue with the set-up process.


    Teachers without an account for one of these Pearson digital curricula systems need to register. Teachers only need to register once.


    Step 1 – Click Sign Up

    Go to Click Sign Up to begin the registration process. 


    Step 2 – Do you have a school code?

    The School Code verifies that a teacher becomes associated with the correct school during the registration process. This association makes all curricula purchased by the school or district available to the teacher. 


    If you already have your school code, click Enter your School Code and skip to Step 4. If you need to request your School Code, click Request a School Code and go to    Step 3.


    Step 3 – Request a School Code

    Enter your e-mail address. Now enter your school’s zip code in the School field. From the school names that appear, select your school. Be sure to look at the address line to make sure you select the correct school. Now click Request. 



    If you have difficulty finding your school, click Advanced School Search and enter additional search criteria, such as your city name, state, and zip code, and then click Search. Select your school in the Results list and click Request.



    If you don’t see your school in the list, click Don’t see your school? and then click the contact Technical Service link and complete the form. Wait to register until your school code is available. Teachers should only register into the school where they have a teaching assignment. Do not randomly select another school in the district.



    You will receive your school code in an e-mail. Click the COMPLETE REGISTRATION NOW link to finish your registration. All teachers in your school will use the same school code, so you can provide this code to other teachers who belong to your school.