School History

  • Park Road Elementary School


    Current Statistics

    Grades:  Kindergarten through grade 5

    Enrollment:  Approximately 450

    Built: 1965


    In preparation for building to provide for rapidly expanding enrollments, the Pittsford Board of Education had purchased a 15-acre site on property in the Powder Mill Park Road area in January 1960. It was to be the future site of an elementary school.


    “On April 10, 1964, the citizens of Pittsford School District will be asked to invest in the future of our Town, our State and our County. This is the date the people will decide on a proposal to build a new Grammar School for the children of Pittsford.” According to this impassioned statement in a March 1964 district newsletter, this was the vote to approve the building of Park Road Elementary School.


    Enrollment at the time in the school district was 2,203 and elementary schools existed at Lincoln Avenue, Allen Creek, and Jefferson Road schools. At the time of completion of Park Road Elementary School in 1965, enrollments in the district totaled 4,200 and had nearly doubled since 1960.


    Park Road Elementary School became the seventh school in the District and opened with an enrollment of 500 students in kindergarten through the fifth grade. Cost of the school was $1.5 million and it was designed as a one-story structure with four wings. This configuration enabled grouping by age levels with the special facilities (cafeteria, gym, music, and auditorium) located in a central core.


    Construction on Park Road Elementary School was continuing even as the doors opened with the beginning of the 1965-1966 school year. Sufficient classrooms and supporting facilities were readied for the 500 students expected on opening day. As the finishing touches were being made on the newest district school, preliminary plans were in progress for the next school facility as enrollments were increasing on the average of 500 students a year.


    The school serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Recent improvements under the 2002 revitalization plan approved by voters included the addition of four new classrooms and additional storage space. Other renovations provided security renovations at the main entrance, handicapped accessibility in the health office, and replacement of light fixtures, windows, and exterior doors.


    Plumbing and bathroom renovations, kitchen equipment replacements, and technology infrastructure upgrades modernized the 37-year-old building. An addition of playground equipment and renovations to curbing, sidewalks, and selected asphalt were also part of the revitalization plan. The renovations and additions at Park Road School were completed by the 2005-2006 school year.