Fun Ways to Promote Literacy with your Child

  • Literacy Skill Activity Ideas

    When reading a book to your child, have him/her
    -point to the title
    -after reading a few pages to them, stop to ask questions
      about characters, plot, setting, any problems that are happening,
      how the problems might be solved, if the pictures are matching the words
    -at the end of the story, check their predictions against what happened
    -ask for an event from the beginning, middle and end of the story
    -point out the spaces between words and lack of spaces within a word
    -have them look for words that they know
    -pick a picture and identify all the known items
    -discuss any emotions that happened in the story
    -ask if they liked or disliked the story and why they have that opinion
    -have them read to you

    In a Magazine or Newspaper
    -circle words that are known
    -find words that all begin with the same sound
    -write labels for things in the pictures using their letter sound knowledge

    On a Piece of Paper
    -draw a picture that has a specific goal (something you like to do, a favorite toy, a kind of weather, something with wheels, etc.)
    -label pictures that are drawn
    -write words about the picture (remind them of letter sounds, spacing)
    -practice letter printing with correct formation

    When Outside Your Home
    -look for familiar signs to read and talk about their meaning
    -find things that have something in common and talk about it
    -sing songs, make rhymes, name words that all have the same beginning sound
    -name all the sounds that could be heard in a word
    -name as many things that you can while standing in one spot
    -play "I SPY": looking for the things that have a specific thing in common (such as; I am thinking of something that has blue and red). It needs to be in plain sight.

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