Homework Assignments:

    Please contact me if you have homework questions or concerns.

    1. Reading: Students are expected to read every night for 15 minutes. I will send home weekly reading logs for you and your child to finish together. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night, your child will need to complete a fifteen-minute reading assignment on which you will need to sign-off. There are 3 completion options per four-day cycle:

    • RTC= Adult reads to child (Goal: Choose this option once a week)
    • RI= Child reads silently and independently (Goal: Choose this option once a week)
    • RTA= Child reads aloud to an adult (Goal: Choose this option twice per week)

    You may complete these options in the order you wish. Please allow your child to choose the nightly reading material. This will help build a sense of confidence and independence. Options include: children's storybooks, chapter books, magazines, newspaper stories, e-books (check out BookFlix on Park Road's Websites We Use page). "Where's Waldo" and "I SPY" type books may be enjoyable activities, but they do not adequately support our goal of increasing your child's reading ability. Please steer clear of those books for your nightly reading log.


    *The completed homework log should be returned in your child's take home folder every Friday morning. The log should include all requested information, including a parent signature.
    Thank you for your support!
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