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    This year, all students are creating a large portfolio with their name displayed creatively on the front. As a school, we are focusing on the book "Tell Teach Us Your Name", by Huda Essa. In art class we read "Always Anjali", by Sheetal Sheth. Each book empowers students to teach others how to pronounce their name.


    Students designed the block letter shapes that make up their name. Creativity was encouraged in adding color and other design elements. Students blended colored pencil to add shading to their names. Last, they will add information about their name... how it was chosen, the meaning behind it, and it's pronounciation.

Weaving in Progress!

Days of the Dead

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Fourth Grade

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    Delicious Desserts!

    Fourth graders were introduced to the art of Wayne Theibaud and Andy Warhol, Pop Artists known for their paintings of ordinary items. Both painted desserts and other sweet treats, but in very different ways.

    wayne theibaud Andy warhol 

                           Wayne Theibaud                                    Andy Warhol       

    Using these works for motivation, students learned how to use a geometric FORM to draw an everyday object, specifically desserts. They used VALUE to shade the objects using darker watercolor paint as they worked. They had to know whether to use blended shading (for rounded objects like cylinders) or solid shading (for objects with flat sides). We began with drawing videos to learn the basics (draw3D.com) with artist and teacher, Mark Kistler (see more info on the Fifth Grade Page). Students chose two desserts to draw and chose their favorite before drawing and painting their final piece, pictured below.

    Pop Art dessert  Pop Art dessert 2 Pop Art dessert 3 

    Pop Art dessert 4 Pop Art dessert 5 Pop Art dessert 6 



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